Hopefully, this will be the start of my new blog.

I have a lot of things on my plate as of lately, the most important of all being the Get into Games Challenge by Edge.

I share my entrance with 5 others: two artists, two designers and an audio guy. I am the programmer of the team.

I didn’t have any real experience with Unity before taking part in this contest but it proved easy to learn. I decided against Javascript for a scripting language even though I have some experience with it. Most libraries in Unity seem to be written in C# and also I could use the additional practice learning a new language. What I began liking and ended up loving about C# is the fact that it is very transparent on memory allocation. By reading a C# class’ source code, one is able to count how much memory it will require to run. I know that this is a very common thing on C-inspired languages but for me, being a self-taught Rails developer, it is novel.

The game which we will be entering is an interesting mix of puzzle platforming and narration ideas that seem to be working well together. I should probably avoid going into much detail ahead of the contest even though there seems to be no clause in the rules about publicizing the game. We’ll see.

Back to this blog, the aim of which is to promote the games I will be making starting July (the GiG contest’s deadline is end of June). I intend on gathering small, random game ideas from as many sources as possible and turn those into playable prototypes. I also intend in limiting my time for each game to 2 weeks. Hopefully this will be enough time to get something up and running. I will be sharing as much as possible about conceiving a game idea and bringing it to digital life within a short time frame.

Enough blogging for now, I am going back to fix the doors in our GiG game.