My “Two games a month” plan failed. The first one went quite well but the next one…

I can’t find a logical explanation that does not sound like an excuse to explain how it went wrong and since I can’t rely on logic for this one, I went with my gut and my gut led me to Rami Ismail’s “Game a Week” idea. After reading through his rules and MsMinotaur’s own experience, I decided to give it a try.

Logically this would not make sense, if I could not finish a game in 15 days, how would I finish it in 7? I guess pressure. Pressure shifts priorities and I am bad at defining them.

Even if this fails though, the aim is to learn. If I fail and learn from it, the next plan will be more revised and will probably have more chances to work.

[…] everything in life is basically improvised. There’s no script, we’re just makin’ this up as we go.

Zibby, Liberal Arts (2012)

Let’s see how this one goes.