Technically, today should be day two. Yesterday was day one. But yesterday an event happened.

Viola and I deduced that the event was a minor stress-induced panic attack.

As far as I understand I am not under stress at work. I am though under psychological pressure, by myself, to make this happen (this being the “two games per month” plan). I think that my body reacted to this plan being put into motion.

I view this event from a positive perspective. Having my body react to something I am going to do probably means that this is very important to me. This used to happen years ago when I was preparing to go on an important date. Or before an important job interview.

In any case, this prototype will focus on one thing: getting some experience with Apple’s new Swift language and either SpriteKit (2D) or SceneKit (3D). Probably SpriteKit since 2D sounds easier for beginners.

Since I have an iOS developer’s license, I will probably limit myself to an iOS game. This means that I will be taking my puzzle game idea I had during the Get into Games challenge and turn it from a Unity prototype to an iOS prototype.