Technically, I am again one day late but since this is written before work for “Day three” has began, I deem it valid.

I started designing the game from scratch. I will make a little paper prototype before actually writing any code. At the same time, I am educating myself on all things Apple Swift and SpriteKit.

I have also devised a plan on how to schedule my 15 days of game making time:

  • early days: mostly design and generic reading, keeping myself slightly distracted with movies, games, anime and such
  • mid days: mostly design and more focused reading on the technologies to use, less distractions
  • late days: mostly coding, little reading, little to no distractions

The reason for distractions early on is simple: inspiration sources.

I remembered the 4 parts of an artist from Tim Schaffer’s presentation on Gamelab 2014 and the first one is explorer. By experiencing new things, artists re-fuel their imagination which turns into inspiration.

Maybe on Day three I’ll post some game design drafts.