I forgot to blog yesterday. I also made no progress on the design of the game. This means that it is time to take what I have of the game’s design and start making something out of it.

I tried to start using Swift and SpriteKit but it looks like there is a lack of documentation on how to use them together. I found a few tutorials online. I will have to try a couple of them before I decide if I can complete this game using Swift & SpriteKit.

Just in case, I already have a plan B in mind: Unity. After working on it for the Get into Games challenge, I have grown familiar to both Unity’s API and C#’s syntax.

Now it’s time for two things:

  • Compile a list of all the game elements I want to try out (most of them are in Day three)
  • Follow some tutorials, learn more about Swift and SpriteKit

Wish me luck ;-)