This time I will try to make a fast-paced platformer with guns. Probably a brawler of some kind. Think of Metal Slug.

I have a couple of gameplay ideas in mind that will hopefully be fun.

Machine gun. A lot of bullets. A ton of bullets. And with little accuracy. They will affect a wide area but will do little damage. They can be easily deflected.

Laser gun. The BFG of the game. It needs to recharge between shots and you have to charge it quickly when firing. Thanks to its massive power, it bends time as well. In other words: hold the fire button and time slows down to a crawl which allows you to aim with deadly precision. And deadly precision is what this weapon needs to be fully utilized.

Reality distortion fields. I got the idea from the new physics fields in SpriteKit for iOS 8, specifically the gravity and noise ones look awesome. The characters will be able to produce a field for mostly defensive purposes. The fields are really effective against the bullet hell.

Attack effectiveness

I think I just conceived an idea to make the game like Rock/Paper/Scissors (and like Soul Calibur and like Pokemon).

  • Laser gun beats distortion fields because it can aim and light is too fast to be effectively affected by a distortion
  • Distortion fields beat machine gun because the bullets can be easily manipulated by the distortion fields
  • Machine gun beats laser gun because the laser gun needs a moment to charge its shoot and if any bullet hits the player, they lose concentration and lose the shot

Making a multiplayer game is going to be hard. Playtesting it will also be hard.

Making a fun to play AI will also be hard. Playtesting it though will be easy. Maybe I’ll go that way. Maybe I’ll just have dump minions and scripted bosses. Let’s see where this takes us.